Monday, 5 November 2007

Trip to the Old Folks Home

I'm really looking forward to the visiting of the Old Folks Home. The trip was postponed umpteen times since 2 years ago, with people telling me to gather info but each time my effort was down the drain because they will come up with all sorts of excuses not to contribute and not to go down. This time round, although it's only 3 of us, I believe it will be a fruitful trip.

Next saturday morning, we will be preparing lunch for the old folks and we will have lunch with them too! According to the person in charge, the lunch session with the folks have always been something which they look forward to. Some folks even refused to go home because when they are at home, they felt lonely. There is nobody to eat with them, even if they have childrens at home.

I fully understand their feeling because I known of this aunty, very rich, many children, but lonely. She is staying in a big house with her son and daughter-in-law, but I know she is feeling very "empty" deep in her heart. I still remember last year when i went to visit her with my hubby, she almost fainted because she have not been eating and according to the maid, she always ask the maid not to cook her share as she have no appetite. So my hubby told her we would like to have dinner with her, if she don't mind, I will cook porridge for her. So ended up 3 of us had porridge, fried egg and fried cabbage together with some lor bak from my house. It was a very simple fare and it doesn't cost much. But we had a great time. She ate a big bowl of porridge and i can see the happiness on her face. It's sad, so what if she is rich, she is lonely! All she wanted was someone to sit down and have dinner with her. Old folks can be stubborn at times and especially after cooking for the whole family, sometime she lost the appetite to eat. All it takes is just some coaxing and patients to get them to sit down.

I felt bad that I have not been visiting her or calling her. It's just inconvenient for us to do so anymore. Frankly speaking, I was close with uncle and aunty because I always felt that I was indebted to someone and I wanted to make up for it. But after knowning the 2 old folks, I know I take them like my parent, but since they are so rich, we are from 2 different world, I guess best is to stay away to avoid people from gossiping. I believe now that the son is married, the house will be more lively and she won't need us anymore so I shall divert our attention to the needy old folks.

Like i said to Rahu, be the merit goes to Rahu, my deceased parent and also Uncle.

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