Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Luang Phor Kasem

Luang Phor kasem, Susahn Trailak, Lampang BE 2455-2538.
Born 28/11/2455 in Jangwat Lampang he is the descendant of Lampang's King from the Lanna Period. He became a monk in BE2468 and went to Bangkok to study Pali language. He further his Pali studies in Wat Seelom and Wat Bunyawaht. He ordained at the age of 21 and became a disciple of Pra Krubah Gaen and went Tudong with his teacher in forest and cemeteries. Though he later became abbot of Wat Bunyeun, he continue his learning in Dhamma and Sammahdti practice. He realized that life is uncertain and in BE2492, he left Wat Bunyeun to a cemetery in Lampang. He would sit in front of the burial place and watch the burning of corpse. Whether in hot sun or raining, Luang Por would just sit quietly and watched the corpse being burned to ashes. Luang Por Kasem ever sat in sammahdti for as long as 3 months, without shelter under hot sun or heavy rain. Even his robes were wet by the rain or during cold season, when the cold wind blows, Luang Por Kasem would just sit quietly and not complain and asked for anything. He had let go of everything and steadfast in his practice of dhamma and sammahdti. He ever go without food for 49 days. Since BE2514, Luang Por Kasem only bathed once a year, but there is no stench or foul odor from his body, even his sweat was pouring under the hot sun. More surprisingly, without shelter and mosquito net, Luang Por Kasem never suffered a bite from mosquito at the cemetery. Luang Por Kasem carried nothing with him. His only possession was an alms bowl, his robe which he was wearing and a piece of human bone for him to practice sammahdti. He did not even have any footwear. Luang Por Kasem ever mentioned that he is a forest monk and does not required any possession. He was contented with a piece of robe covering his body. Whatever things that the layman gave to him, Luang Por Kasem would give away to other monks. Luang Por Kasem never used a pillow to sleep, because to him, a pillow is a luxury. Luang Por Kasem would sleep with his body in full prostrate position and would sleep at the same spot where he sat in sammahdti. He was very determined to find the truth of life. He asked for nothing in life though he can enjoy the luxuries in life as he was the descendants of royal blood in Lampang.
Luang Por Kasem died in BE2538 at the age of 83

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