Friday, 23 November 2007

Rahu in India

The famous temple of Naganathar-Girigujambigai in Tirunageswaram, Thanjavur district, houses the equally famous shrine of Rahu Bhagavan and his two consorts.
On February 2, 1986, the molted skin of a 5-foot-long snake was found draped over the Rahu idol. It is still preserved in the temple for darshan.
Those who hope to get married, tie a yellow thread to the vanni tree on the temple premises. People with naga dosha also do pariharam in this Navagraha sthala by donating a stone naga idol and worship here. If a snake enters their house, to ward off its evil effects, people donate brass nagas to the temple and worship it.

Astrologers say that if Rahu is in a 'good position' in one's horoscope, then the man will get a good wife, good servant and acquire great wealth. He will even succeed in politics and get a chance to rule.

praying to Rahu during Rahu kaalam on Sunday can ensure a good life and prosperity. According to belief, a person with Rahu dosham should also pray to Goddess Durgai and Lord Nagaraja.

Generally, auspicious occasions are not celebrated during the Rahu kaalam.
Rahu takes one-and-a-half years to move from one graham to another.

Those afflicted with leprosy, diseases of the intestines, cough and boils can get relief by praying to Rahu.

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