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Chao Khun Nor

Chao Khun Nor 05.02.BE2440 - 08.01.BE2514

Chao Khun Nor was born on 5th February BE2440. He was the eldest among the 5 children in his family. He graduated from the Chulalongkorn University and became an high ranked officer in the palace duing the time ruled by the King Rama VI of Thailand. As a trusted personal assistant and a favourite subject of the King VI, he was bestowed the title of "Chao Phraya", the highest Thai title of conferred nobleness when he was only 25 years old.
After King Rama VI passed away, Chao Khun Nor was so upset and he decided to enter monkhood. Before he was ordained, he gives away all his riches and land to the poor with nothing left behind. He enter monkhood at Wat Thepsririn on 25.11.BE2468 at the age of 28 and the day before the King was cremated.
After he was ordained, many devotees came to him for fortune telling and seek help. Chao Khun Nor have never accepted any gifts and offerings because he observed strictly the 227 precepts in monkhood and this lead to the unhappiness of the devotees. Chao Khun explained to them that he ordained for the purpose for the King and to study whole-hearted the teaching of Buddha, most importantly the reason why he required concentration on his self cultivation was to fully understand the teaching of Buddha so that he can help the devotees to solve their problem.
Chao Khun Nor meditated from day to night EVERYDAY. He was a vegetarian and he eats one vegetable and cereal meal everyday. From the day he enters monkhood till his death, he never step out of the temple even though during WWII when all the other monks are running for their lives.
Chao Khun Nor has the capability to foresee the future and he can also read anybody mind. He knew what could happen in the near future. Amulet already blessed by other great guru monks from other temples were also brought to be blessed by him.
Every time when Chao Khun consecrate those amulet, there seemed to have some miracles happened. In 22 March BE2512, a reporter took a picture during the consecration process of amulet. The picture turn out showing bright lights emerged from Chao Khun Nor’s brush when he sprinkled water from the brush. The bright light emerged from the brush is unlike normal photo shots taken for other monks. This had happened many thime and was believed that this is the meditative power from Chao Khun Nor, his chanting confirmed to be efficacious.
Chao Khun Nor has predicted his actual day of entering nirvana when he was alive. A few day before he passed away, he told his nephew who took care of him for many years, that he would make an amulet for him. He told his nephew to bring some stone to him to consecrate, but those stone must came from an exact place called "Bang Bo" in the province of Samutprakarn. He gave the reason that the name of the place "Bang Bo" was a good name. The word "Bo" IN THAI mean POND. Chao Khun meant this "Bo" to be pool of gold and silver. He also instruct him to put the stone upon a Bodhi leave shape, made from paper, silver, gold or any material and write down the name of the wearer on the leave. The significance of these holy stone are that Chao Khun Nor never offered to consecrate any amulets before, people made amulet and begged him to consecrate them.
Chao Khun Nor lived a life of excellent austerity and was well known for his meditative powers. He passed away on 8 January BE 2514 at the age of 73 in a beautiful posture with his palms placing together, paying his last respect to the Buddha.

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