Thursday, 29 November 2007

Offerings to Buddha

As i wrote on my previous blog on offerings, the following are the English version as per requested.

  1. Offer a cup of fresh water every morning.If our hands become dirty, we wash them with water. Water has the power to clean. The teaching ofthe Buddha has the same kind of power to make our minds clean. To offer a cup of water means topraise the Buddha with water, which has the same kind of power, and to quench the Buddha’s thirst.
  2. Offer incense every morning. Offering incense means to offer the fragrance of the incense to the Buddhas, and also to purge us with its fragance. It is said that offering incense symbolize the compassion of the Buddha. Its fragance spread all over equally no matter what kind of barrier is.
  3. Offering light signifies the stability and clarity of patience, the beauty which dispels all ignorance. It is also excellent to offer the butterlamps, candles or light because this act of offering this light symbolizes burning away our mental afflictions of desire, aggression, greed, jealousy, pride and so forth. The other part of the symbolism is that it is a way to burn away our illness."
  4. Offering flowers means to offer beauty and to ornament the Buddha.

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