Thursday, 27 September 2007

Monk in thailand

Take a look at the video and see how real monks in thailand collects their alms. They don't ask for $$ and instead villagers offer them food.

Chiang Mai project gives poor children a shot at education

A hilltribe girl has the chance to study in the same way as other Thai students, even though her family does not have enough money to support her.

Chiang Mai Polytechnic College director's special project and Don Chan Temple's abbot provide help for disadvantaged, orphaned and poor children. Chanokporn Lekpaijit, 16, is one of 511 hilltribe students studying at Wat Don Chan School in Chiang Mai's Muang district. She is studying for a vocational certificate in accounting.
"I dream of being an accountant after graduation," she said, adding she would study for a higher degree at the same time if she could. It may not sound as grand as some people's dreams, but to have a good job and earn money for herself and her family is a very great thing for this hilltribe girl.
"My family is poor, but I'm very glad that I have a school where I can study. Studying here, my mother's financial burden has decreased," the Hmong girl said with smile.
There are about 560 students in the school, studying from Prathom 1 to Mathayom 6 and aiming for vocational and higher vocational certificates. College director Chamnan Thammachai said he had started the project for disadvantaged students in May. "I wanted these students to have vocational knowledge so that they would have the chance to get a good job, leading them to a better quality of life," he added.
The project offers training in two fields - accounting and computers.
In addition, the director has assigned some teachers in conjunction with private companies to train students in cooking, baking, computer repairs and playing musical instruments.
Meanwhile, Phra Athikan Anan Anantoe, the abbot of the temple, has supported hilltribe students around the northern region for at least 23 years, including Hmong, Akha, Karen, Yao, Tai Yai (Shan) and Lisu.
He said he wanted to do something good for the country and His Majesty the King. Since the children placed a burden on the country, he had decided to help them.
"Only Thai people's kindness supports these children's expenses. The temple doesn't ask for financial support from any organisation. It's up to organisations and individuals who desire to help," Phra Athikan Anan said.
He has taught the children to follow the King's sufficiency philosophy, instructing them to eat together as well as to learn and live happily in simple conditions.
"The food for the students under the temple's patronage is donated by local people, including vegetables, fruits, seasonings and rice," Phra Athikan Anan said.
The children still need consumer products for daily use, especially washing powder and toothpaste. To offer these or other donations, call 05-324 0184.
Wannapa Phetdee
The Nation
Published on September 10, 2007

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

sharing no 3

Sharing No. 2

Real Friendship is shown in times of troubles; prosperity is full of friends.
Action speaks louder than words!!!!

Buddhist Sharing..

Sometime to give up on your faith, is as good as giving up yourself.
True Friendship is like sound health;the value of it is seldom known until it be lost
In life, at times, there is just no turning back!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The Wat Srisathong Temple!

Found this on You Tube. Enjoy ya!

For those who have not visited the temple in Thailand, at least have a glimpes of it then!

The Death of Jatukham Fever

Found this news at the following website. Sad to say, it comes and goes so soon. Especially in Singapore, many places are still selling this, I hoped they won't resort to go on Sale for amulet. Personnally I'm very against on putting up sales for amulet, I don't think we are being respectful, but there are shops which they have to use this as a gimmick, well, we can't blame them, since this is their rice bowl. As far as i'm concern, I only take amulet from Monks, I won't buy from shops, especially places where they claim "SALES"

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Meed Moh

Meed in thai = Knife

Mor in Thai = Doctor, healer or specialist.

It's also called Mit Prab Pairee, meaning knife that conquers the enemy . Knife that possess special magical power. It is believed that magical knife is energized with the power of

  1. Protection
  2. Exorcism

  3. Victory

  4. Defeating negative forces such as black magic

  5. Courage

  6. Confidence


Sakkassa WachiravuthangWessasuwanna SakathawuthangAlawaka Thusawuthang Yamasa NaiyanawuthangNaraiyasa Chakrawuthang Pancha AwuthanangAetaesang Anuphawena Pancha AwuthanangPhakka PhakkhaWijunnang Wijunna Lomangmamena BuddhasantiKajcha Amumhi Okasetithahi

Confession to Rahu

I'm sorry, I'm like a fool! All was well before last August. I think I'm still not very clear minded despite being a not-so devoted buddhist for few years. I have still not been able to reach certain level, which I sinerely hoped Rahu will guide me through.

Looking at the numbers of viewer of the blog for Rahu since June, I'm happy that it's had broke the record of 300 in just 2months, all because of some setback from some selfish people out there, I was rash to have made the decision to close the blog, which though I DID NOT. I realised after changing the names of the blog ( which I can't have it back as it used by someone else) the viewers seems to lost contact with me and the numbers turned slow. I was upset, not because people don't read my blog anymore, but i'm upset, because of my rashness, people who supported Rahu lost the chance to read more. Sorry for being selfish, sorry for being childish, I shouldn't have take those crap so seriously. All I have to do is severe all ties with unnecessary people and we shall each go our separate ways, I shouldn't have acted this way. I hope whoever took my old blog address, For Rahu's sake, please contact me and if possible, let me have the old blogger address again to fulfil my words to Rahu. His/her kindness will be very much appreciated.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Real Monks & Bogus Monks

Very often we can see Monks walking around at the Market with their Alms bowl and a handful of amulet. They will approach us to ask for donation and we will be given a amulet as a token. So, How True are they? Sometime I do wonder are they real monk or are they not. I do not wish to offend anyone, but as far as I know, monks in thailand will come out of the temple early in the morning to ask for donation, most of the time villager will offer food to them and they will then bring back to the temple and consume the food for breakfast/lunch. They DO NOT ask for Money.

How to Tell: Who is Real? Who is Bogus?

Real (food-collecting) Monks

1. Stand still outside hawker centre.
2. Wait for food donor to approach.
3. Alms bowl covered with a lid which is opened when donor wishes to offer food.
4. Do not carry pendants/ amulets.

Bogus (monetary-collecting) Monks

1. Walk from table to table in hawker centre.
2. Approach patrons at tables.
3. Alms bowl open all the time.
4. Carry pendants/ amulets as a form of repayment to donors.

For Thai Buddhist monks present in Singapore, there is a Singapore Thai Sangha Council (i.e. Singapore Thai Samatca) and they take a serious view of any Thai Buddhist Monks violating precepts and they will take disciplinary action as well. Thai Buddhist monks are actually issued with identification cards as proof of their monkhood.

Table information extracted from for you buddhism article~ provided by Palelai Buddhist Temple.

Friday, 14 September 2007

NEW ERA of HOPE - New Giant Swing pillars

Photo: Thousands of people turn out to celebrate the unveiling of the new Giant Swing at Lan Kon Muang civic ground outside City Hall.

New Giant Swing pillars, blessed by His Majesty the King, bring hope of unity and prosperity to troubled nation. The inauguration of the new Giant Swing has given rise to hope the trouble-ridden country will be more harmonious and prosperous from now on.Thousands of people gathered at the Giant Swing compound in front of Bangkok City Hall yesterday to take part in the historic event and to show respect to Their Majesties the King and Queen, who presided over the inauguration ceremony at 5pm.Many believed the new Giant Swing, two red wooden pillars, would bless the country with luck.His Majesty was happy to see so many people turn out for the event. His Majesty also welcomed the city’s plan to clone one million teak saplings from the 99-year-old tree used to make the Giant Swing pillars, for distribution to people to create a sense of harmony.


那胖的歹徒衝上前來,揮刀猛砍他的胸部,並刺他的右臂,但都刺不進去。 歹徒見情,便改以用手扼住他的脖子,以致他寂靜不動。另1瘦的歹徒則闖到隔壁房去,揮刀猛砍仍在睡夢中的拍昌喃和尚的胸部,並猛刺其右臂,但都不入,歹徒被嚇了一跳。

Thursday, 13 September 2007

曼谷鞦韆架修繕落成 皇上主持典禮

泰皇陛下偕詩麗吉皇后殿下昨天(12日)下午5時15分駕臨曼谷市政府辦事處前市民廣場,御賜主持鞦韆架修繕落成典禮。數萬名市民身著黃色衣服,在鑾駕路線沿途恭迎聖駕。 皇上、皇后及詩琳通公主殿下昨天駕臨市民廣場後,曼谷市長阿披叻稟奏修繕鞦韆架概況,並恭請皇上主持修繕落成典禮。皇上駕臨大鞦韆架前,按傳統儀式在鞦韆架上點金粉、灑聖水、並賜粉紅色錦布讓市長繫在鞦韆架上,然後主持佛教僧侶誦經法會,宣告新鞦韆架正式落成。

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Thai Man who wears 200 amulet!

Not that I'm promoting the jaktukam amulet, just happen to see this interesting article so I thought I'll put up to share. Did he over do it? No comment, it's his faith and belief in the amulet. It's no joke to wear more than 200 amulet which weight more than 20kg! The best part, look at the biggest amulet he have with him!

Monday, 10 September 2007


Pladkik (ปลัดขิก)
A phallus, usually carved from wood. They come in all possible sizes and smaller ones are often worn by men around their waist hanging from a string or chain as an amulet. It symbolizes the Hindu god Shiva and is supposed to avert misfortune and trigger good luck - Shiva is Sanskrit or 'auspicious'. It is seen by some as a fertility symbol and thus comparable to the linga. Some pladkik may have the figure of a tiger, a monkey or some other animal or even a lady attached to it. Some may also have cabalistic writing and yan signs carved on them.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Pictures to show

I've found some REALLY nice picture drawn by Thai Artist.. They were simply Gorgeous!! That's why in future when we go to Thailand and visit those Wats, always take some time to admire the beauty of those drawing, you will be amazed!

eckhart tolle