Friday, 14 September 2007

NEW ERA of HOPE - New Giant Swing pillars

Photo: Thousands of people turn out to celebrate the unveiling of the new Giant Swing at Lan Kon Muang civic ground outside City Hall.

New Giant Swing pillars, blessed by His Majesty the King, bring hope of unity and prosperity to troubled nation. The inauguration of the new Giant Swing has given rise to hope the trouble-ridden country will be more harmonious and prosperous from now on.Thousands of people gathered at the Giant Swing compound in front of Bangkok City Hall yesterday to take part in the historic event and to show respect to Their Majesties the King and Queen, who presided over the inauguration ceremony at 5pm.Many believed the new Giant Swing, two red wooden pillars, would bless the country with luck.His Majesty was happy to see so many people turn out for the event. His Majesty also welcomed the city’s plan to clone one million teak saplings from the 99-year-old tree used to make the Giant Swing pillars, for distribution to people to create a sense of harmony.

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