Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Confession to Rahu

I'm sorry, I'm like a fool! All was well before last August. I think I'm still not very clear minded despite being a not-so devoted buddhist for few years. I have still not been able to reach certain level, which I sinerely hoped Rahu will guide me through.

Looking at the numbers of viewer of the blog for Rahu since June, I'm happy that it's had broke the record of 300 in just 2months, all because of some setback from some selfish people out there, I was rash to have made the decision to close the blog, which though I DID NOT. I realised after changing the names of the blog ( which I can't have it back as it used by someone else) the viewers seems to lost contact with me and the numbers turned slow. I was upset, not because people don't read my blog anymore, but i'm upset, because of my rashness, people who supported Rahu lost the chance to read more. Sorry for being selfish, sorry for being childish, I shouldn't have take those crap so seriously. All I have to do is severe all ties with unnecessary people and we shall each go our separate ways, I shouldn't have acted this way. I hope whoever took my old blog address, For Rahu's sake, please contact me and if possible, let me have the old blogger address again to fulfil my words to Rahu. His/her kindness will be very much appreciated.

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