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Stainless Steel Temple in Hatyai

Came to know about this temple few month ago thru M'sia paper. A little curious but it just simply slip my mind. Then yesterday when i met up with this aunty from M'sia, she brought up the topic. She went there in early december and came back FRESH! Yes, according to her the "energy" there was strong and it really freshened her thoughts and also it helps alot in her meditation, very spritual and unexplainable! So she ask me to arrange a trip there with her. Very nice temple, especially at night.
According to the chinese paper, a very staunch buddhist couple , mediating one day and "saw" Buddha! Buddha said to him " Would you give up your piece of land and build a 3 storey high Chedi for all people to come and pray?" He committed to Buddha and begin to get plans draw up but the money needed was far more than he can afford. One day there is this old lady who came to him and offer a donation for him to build the temple. Guess all these are Buddha's will bring 2 strangers together to start the project. In 5th December 2005 they invited top monks from thailand for the ground breaking ceremony. 
The 90% Stainless Steel built Pahama Hatat Jidee Thai Po Tham Mon Koon temple was completed in February 2006 ( total of 160days) cost approximately S$1m.

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Friday, 1 October 2010

A Thai monk walks 20 kilometres on barefoot a day to remind those who pursue a material life to protect and concern about mother nature.

Master Jinshen started his journey from Hat Yat and arrived at Simpang on Sunday (31 Jan). After staying in Simpang for a night, he started to walk again the next day. He was heading to Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.
He stressed that his main purpose is to practice Buddhist rules and at the same time, lead the people to the path of virtue. It is also meant to develop the Buddhist spirit.
When he was staying in Simpang, he urged everyone to concern about and appreciate mother nature. Also, he promoted an environmental friendly and simple lifestyle of eating and consuming less but to walk more.
He said that he had visited many countries, including Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and India over the past 30 years. And he walked more than 10 thousand kilometres every year.
"Not many monks live an ascetic life nowadays. That's why everyone looks at me with curiosity as they think ascetic monks can only be found in books," he said.
He also said that he walks five to six hours for more than 10 kilometres everyday. He has no money but a lot of people give him alms. Although his soles are blistered and painful, he feels happy.
"Some people work hard everyday to earn money in order to pursue a material life. They destroy natural resources but they are not truly happy."
He said that it is applies to human relationships, too.
"As long as you treat others friendly and reduce hatred, you'll get a peaceful mind in return," he added.
He also advised people to be vegetarians for health purposes and to reduce killing lives.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Phuket Post :: Article :: Maintaining the Buddhist tone in Phuket

Phuket Post :: Article :: Maintaining the Buddhist tone in Phuket

I like Buddha Statues, but would never BUY them and use them for decorative purpose. I've seen lots of little fountain in shop using Buddha head and honestly am not very comfortable with it. I always believe that Buddha is for us to pray and hold high respect and for using it as a ornament.

Spirit Houses: Traditional Thai Spirit Worship

Spirit Houses: Traditional Thai Spirit Worship

Buddism, Buddha & Temples in Thailand

Buddism, Buddha & Temples in Thailand

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

World Amazing Temple

I'm currently consolidating the information for the world's amazing temple. Will put up as soon as i get it done.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

My prayers were heard!

I was admitted to the hospital for a surgery. As it was my first time in the hospital, i took along the tanga i alwaya wear with me. since no necklace or jewellery were allow, i took a clip and clip it on my shirt. But since this is not my usual practice, i actually forgotten about it after my shower, only after 3 hours then i suddenly realised that my tanga is missing.

I was panic, really panic and quickly inform the nurses in the ward, i guess my face had clearly shown that i'm worried that it will be lost. But at the same time i know it's gonna be very difficult for them to trace back because the cleaner had clear away the basket 3 hours ago and the hospital is hugh, there will be piles and piles of dirty laundry waiting to be collected by the laundry company.. lots of what if come into my mind.. what if they can't find the bag since there is no label outside the plastic, what if the bag was transported out of the hospital etc.. I started to pray in my heart to Rahu, i pray that he will let me have my tanga back, please blessed that i can get i back, it's very important to me. I start to talk to Luang Pu Hong, I pray that let me have the tanga back and i will never let it leave me. I started chanting and chanting. Phew... after about an hour, as time passed, my panic didn't go off.. and suddenly, i saw the staff nurse walk in, with a tissue in her hand, carefully cleaning something and she came to me with a big smile, that moment i know, my prayers are heard, no wonder Luang Pu Hong always said, if you need me, chant and i'll be with you.

Thank you so much to Rahu, to Luang Pu Hong as well as the 3 nurses who help me digging in bags and bags of dirty laundry. Actually i plan to go to the temple last night, but as i'm still having difficulties in walking, guess i can only do so next week. But as i say, They heard my prayers, they will forgive me for not going down last night. I'll be there next week.

Friday, 9 July 2010


Because of my health, i was introduced to this master by my colleague to check out what is going on, of course, i did went for proper medical advice and partly because i wanted to change my job, so I thought why not!
Was Amazed because all i gave him was my name and date of birth and he told me not to say anything before he ask me too. When he wants me to answer him then i open my mouth. I was like " Huh"... OK... Then he started to tell me from the day i was born and so on.... I WAS AMAZED & that moment i thought, yes, i've found the right person! Although some of the thing he said was my parent passed away when i was quite young,(pretty sad) but it's True & this colleague of mine was not aware! Then he said i had a bad fall before, causing problem with my spine.. True True True..and then he said of my three fingers, either hand, there is a cut.. True enough and i would say the cut was pretty minor, you have to bring my hand closely before you actually can see it, which he didn't. At this moment, I would say I'm really impressed. Especially the falling part. Then he told me what is wrong with my health... BINGO!
And he follow by a massage session! yes! he took a mirror, a ruler and he start measuring my face and found that both side are different by 1/2 inches and he started to ask me to stretch out my hand, he start pressing some point, which was pretty painful i would say. Then after that we measure again.. Hmmm the difference is GONE! All the people around me was amazed too.
Then he say i have problem on my back and shoulder, very tense and again, BINGO, he got me to stand up and he started to "stretch my body", it's like thai massage, and i really felt so "shiok" after that! Then he gave me some holy water to bring home.
The whole session was great, we just have to admit this is worth a visit and I'm happy that i got some of the doubts cleared.
Thanks Uncle Tony, Thank you!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


看到这张照片你们有何感想?不是要你们看那盒五颜六色的糖果有多美丽,是把焦点集中在两个孩子的身上。看一看他们的头上/背上背了什么?不是洋娃娃,是一根根的树枝,大的不说,看看那个不到3岁孩子的身上然后再看看你们身边可爱的孩子们,你们有何感想?是不是像我一样很心酸,为什么我们家的孩子那么幸福,要什么就有什么,而远在泰国,缅甸,金三角那里的孩子却是那么的可怜?如果我们每个人都愿意对他们伸出援手,帮助他们,那么是不是就能改变他们的一生?当你们把不要的衣服,不要的玩具都丢进垃圾桶时,想想看,贫穷人家如果收到了这些可以让他们穿,可以保暖,完整无损的衣服时那种开心满足是金钱所买不到的。 穷人家的孩子,没有玩具这种奢侈品,他们小小年纪,不要说是玩具,连套像样的衣服和鞋子都没有,身上永远是脏兮兮的,脚板被磨破了皮也不能喊痛,没有鞋子就算是哭也没有用。当我们在烦恼该买什么颜色的鞋子时,想象有多少人是光着脚顶着大太阳在山上行走的。他们要的不是什么名牌服装鞋子,要的只是可以遮体的衣服,可以行走的鞋子。


If all of us play a part in helping and contribute for the less fortunate, the world will be happier because there are lesser people suffering.
The people from the Hilltribe need helps, many of the villager had never seen any stranger before, let alone knowing there is such thing call " photo". They do not have enough water in their village for personal use and cooking or have toilet facilities available in the village. Children in rural areas of northern Thailand started to help out in the family when they are supposed to be in school, part of the reason, there were no proper school build for them. They have no sense of hygiene, they have no proper medical help and that's why they needed people to stretch out and help them. Providing them with basic care in the way of food, housing and education for hill tribe orphans or children from broken hill tribe homes.



但願...地球美好無憂慮... ”

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Wat Sothon Wararam Worawihan - Chachoengsao

Due to the Red Shirt protest in Bangkok. we decided to change our plan of staying 2 nights in Bangkok. Hence from Chiangmai, we took the plane back to Bangkok, but since our flight is 9pm hence we decided to go to the temple which we always wanted to visit~~~Wat Sothon (for details of the temple, pls follow this link to my previous post~~

Arrived at BBK airport around 1.30pm. I went to the tourist information counter and ask them if i can make ip back to the airport before 7pm. The nice lady say no problem and wrote for me the name of temple in thai so that i can show it to the taxi driver. No time to waste, i get to the taxi stand and show it to the lady and she arrange for me a taxi who is willing to bring me there, returned trip at 1500b.On the way to Chachoengsao we passed by several checks stand guarded by the army and we can sense the tension around.

The whole journey is about 1hour, and we were amazed how beautiful the temple can be! It may be the oldest temple in Chachoengsao, it's simply gorgeous! The Luang Pho Sothon is Enshrined inside the new gigantic hall and the whole place is crowded by many devotees from all over Thailand

Lunch With Monks

Half way during the visit to temples, we stop by to have lunch. I would say S'poreans are pretty pampered, as we are on the way looking for a restaurant, the driver stop by aside of a house which was pretty run down. We were expecting at least a decent "restaurant" or maybe a coffee shop, yet the monk told us this is the place we will be having our lunch! Hahaha, we were expecting somewhere with Air-con, Chiang Mai in April, no joke, at least 40 degree celcius! Anyway, we are strangers there, so we just follow suit.
As it's all in Thai, there is nothing i can help, so we told the monk to just place order of whatever they want to eat and at the same time, order our food too. I would say, the food is CHEAP & GOOD! Really yummy. We spent less than S$20/- for all our dishes ( 4dishes with soup, rice and drinks! mind you, for 7 of us!) And it's the BEST meal we had throughout our 4days in Chiangmai!

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Making Merit @ Chiangmai~~Wat Chai Mongkol

This temple is about 8minutes walk from Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel

I've heard of this temple but it wasn't in the list that Kruba gave me. To our surprise, it's only 8min walk from the hotel we stayed. Guess it's all fated. We missed the monk along the roadside, hence a nice lady brought us to the temple.

Knowing that we have never make merit to monks in the morning,
this sweet lady offer to bring us to the market @5.45am to make purchase of food for the monk. She even taught us what to do after we place the food into the alm bowl (simple, just kneel down and the monk will do a chanting for us)

This must be the 8th monk we had offered. We had offered to few of them outside the market before we came over.

Wat Chaimongkol is one of the oldest community monasteries in chiangmai. It was founded around 600 years ago, as the power and influence of the Lanna kingdom was emerging at the time of strong King Tilokkaraj. Shrines and artefacts were added by the various ethinic groups using the temple - Burmese, Laos - note the imposing Chinese shrine with its goddess of mercy statue. the boat landng was the main Chiangmai arrival and departure point for visiting royalty and merchants of substance. the statue of Rama V, King Chulalongkorn, is a popular spot for Thai devotees.

This temple is located on the bank of Ping River. This temple was constructed during the reign of King Tilokkaratch. During the occupation of Chiang Mai by Burma this temple was called Wat Oop Pa Peng or Wat Oop Pa Pok. Later King RamaV changed the name to Wat Chia Mong Kol. The pagoda of this temple is built in Burmese style.

Tel. 053-214728

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Chiangmai 10th Temple~~Wat Phrajao Mengrai

This 4.5m tall statue was cast in 1320and said to be the likeness of King Mengrai.

The smiling Abbot of Wat Phrajao Mengrai. The the monk is Narat, from Wat Don Chan.

Wat Jao Mengrai was built in the city of Chiangmai shortly after Wat Chiang Mun was completed. When the big Buddha image was being carried through the city to the new temple site, the carriage broke and the image fell to the ground. Out of superstition, King Mengrai decided to build another temple on the spot.

This temple was built in the city of Chiang Mai shortly after Wat Chiang Mun was completed. When the big Buddha image was being carried through the city to the new temples site. The carriage broke and the image fell to the ground. Out of superstition, King Mangri decided to build another temple on the spot. It was there that, later, King Mangrai was struck by lightning and died.

The Abbot here is really VERY friendly, although he is limping ( only notice it when he was sitting with us, he lost few of his toes), he was busy walking around bring us water, poster and some brochure on the history of the temple. He was really very excited trying very hard to talk to us despite the language barrier. Then this is when Pinum come into the picture, trying to be the interpreter.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Chiangmai Holy 9 Temple 9th Stop~~Wat Meun Larn Gong

This is very common is Chiang Mai Temple. You will see small chedi of sand placed in the temple compound. This is a symbolic return of the sand carried out on the soles of shoes and feet of the people, usually this is done during the Songkran Festival. The sand is made into a small chedi for the next day.

This is the "Money" temple which the old monk told me. I hope not only after praying we have money, of course also blessed us with good health and good luck!

Wat Muen Larnn Gong is located on San Larn Road. This temple was first constructed in the time of King Mengrai in local Lanna style. Many rich families in Chiang Mai sponsor this temple since its name. Muen Ngern Gong, means millionaire or riches.

Built in the period of King Kuena by Muen Ngern Kong (the Minister of Finance) circa 1339 - 1337, the site has an antique ordination hall made of wood.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Chiangmai Holy 9 Temple 8th Stop~~Wat Duang Dee

Wat Duang Dee is located on Phra Pok Klao Road. In the past this temple was called Wat Ton Mak Nue. The wiharn is designed in Lanna style.

The name of this temple means 'Good Luck' in Thai.

Wat Duang Dee dates back over 200 years. In 1761 the Chiang Mai Chronicle reported that a Monk from Wat Duang Dee became ruler of Chiang Mai at a time when it held its Independence for a short time before the Burmese returned to govern.

In 1819, the second ruling Prince of Chiang Mai, King Thammalangka had the Wat renovated and held a dedication ceremony.

Within its scripture hall there are, by all accounts beautiful gilded wood carvings.This temple displays a mixture of architectural styles that reflect the varied heritage of Northern Thailand.

Located at 228, Phra Pok Klao Road, Sriphum Sub-District

Tel: 053-273873

Friday, 25 June 2010

Chiangmai Holy 9 Temple 7th Stop~~Wat Chiang Yuen

Wat Chiang Yuen is located outside the city wall on Mani Nopharat Road. Wat Chiang Yuen is one of oldest temples in Chiang Mai where every King had to pay homage to the Buddha image called "Phra Suppunyu Chao" (located in the wiharn) in order to gain good fortune in life. Hence, it is believed that the words "Chiang Yeun" means "long life."

In the period of King Phra Muangkaew (A.D. 1495-1525) the Buddha relics were enshrined in the stupa. The temple was abandoned after the Burmese defeat. Later on it was rebuilt by Phraya Wachiraprakarn. The big white and golden stupa is the most striking feature of this temple. Tel. 053-211654.

One of the older monk who brought us there was telling us this temple mean"long life" and another temple was More money! Well, there is always lots of interesting stories behind each temple in Thailand. That's what made them so interesting!

Chiangmai Holy 9 Temple 6th Stop~~Wat Suan Dok

Just beyond the walls of the old city on the west side stands Wat Suan Dok, which dates back to the 14th century. Built by the King of Lanna on the grounds of his pleasure garden, this temple was originally intended to serve as a retreat for a revered monk from Sukothai.
This temple is a wonderful place for photography and has spectacular vistas of Doi Suthep at sunset. Wat Suan Dok also figures heavily in the legend of Doi Suthep's founding. A Buddha relic was to be housed in its central chedi when it broke in two. The other half was placed on the back of a white elephant, which climbed Doi Suthep and then died.
Doi Suthep was founded on the site of the elephant's demise. This temple is also noteworthy for being the final resting place of many of Chiang Mai's Lanna rulers. Behind the main hall of the temple is a city of small, whitewashed chedis which house the ashes of the kings of Lanna.

松达寺(Wat Suan Dok)位于市区素贴路,建于14世纪,周围是兰那泰王朝君王的御花园,国内有许多优美的白色宝塔,内藏清迈王族的骨灰。中央一座巍峨大佛塔里,据说仍保藏着佛祖遗骨。此寺造型简单,供奉一尊有500多年历史青铜打造的释迦牟尼佛像,是泰北最大金属佛像之一。
Note: didn't take many photo because it's Sooooooo HOT!

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