Sunday, 27 June 2010

Chiangmai Holy 9 Temple 9th Stop~~Wat Meun Larn Gong

This is very common is Chiang Mai Temple. You will see small chedi of sand placed in the temple compound. This is a symbolic return of the sand carried out on the soles of shoes and feet of the people, usually this is done during the Songkran Festival. The sand is made into a small chedi for the next day.

This is the "Money" temple which the old monk told me. I hope not only after praying we have money, of course also blessed us with good health and good luck!

Wat Muen Larnn Gong is located on San Larn Road. This temple was first constructed in the time of King Mengrai in local Lanna style. Many rich families in Chiang Mai sponsor this temple since its name. Muen Ngern Gong, means millionaire or riches.

Built in the period of King Kuena by Muen Ngern Kong (the Minister of Finance) circa 1339 - 1337, the site has an antique ordination hall made of wood.

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