Friday, 25 June 2010

Chiangmai Holy 9 Temple 6th Stop~~Wat Suan Dok

Just beyond the walls of the old city on the west side stands Wat Suan Dok, which dates back to the 14th century. Built by the King of Lanna on the grounds of his pleasure garden, this temple was originally intended to serve as a retreat for a revered monk from Sukothai.
This temple is a wonderful place for photography and has spectacular vistas of Doi Suthep at sunset. Wat Suan Dok also figures heavily in the legend of Doi Suthep's founding. A Buddha relic was to be housed in its central chedi when it broke in two. The other half was placed on the back of a white elephant, which climbed Doi Suthep and then died.
Doi Suthep was founded on the site of the elephant's demise. This temple is also noteworthy for being the final resting place of many of Chiang Mai's Lanna rulers. Behind the main hall of the temple is a city of small, whitewashed chedis which house the ashes of the kings of Lanna.

松达寺(Wat Suan Dok)位于市区素贴路,建于14世纪,周围是兰那泰王朝君王的御花园,国内有许多优美的白色宝塔,内藏清迈王族的骨灰。中央一座巍峨大佛塔里,据说仍保藏着佛祖遗骨。此寺造型简单,供奉一尊有500多年历史青铜打造的释迦牟尼佛像,是泰北最大金属佛像之一。
Note: didn't take many photo because it's Sooooooo HOT!

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