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Chiangmai Holy 9 Temple 4th Stop~~Chedi Luang

Wat Chedi Luang was founded in 1401 and is dominated by a large Lanna style chedi which took many years to finish. An earthquake damaged the chedi in the 16th century and only two-thirds of it remain.

Built in 1391, during the reign of King Saen Muang Ma, 8th ruler of the Mengrai dynasty, Wat Chedi Luang's massive chedi (pagoda) is a distinctive feature of the Chiang Mai skyline. At its peak, the chedi measured 44 meters (144 feet) wide and 86 meters (282 feet) tall and was the home of the Emerald Buddha, Thailand's most sacred cultural treasure.
Damaged during an earthquake in 1545, the structure is still impressive with a naga (water serpent) staircase on each of its faces and wonderful statues of elephants adorning the base. Legend has it that if the gum tree just inside the entrance ever falls, a terrible disaster will occur. A special pulley system allows visitors to leave offerings and prayers atop the chedi. The temple is located on Phra Pokklao Road and is easy to find, since the chedi is one of the tallest buildings in the old city.

Chedi Chang Lom which is the oldest and most significant stupa in the temple compound. It is recorded that once King Mengrai, King Ngaam Muang from Payao and King Ruang of Sukothai had fully completed the construction of the new city and this temple then the chedi was erected upon the site of the original royal palace. Enshrined within the chedi is said to be a hair relic of the Lord Buddha. This is now referred to as ‘The Sacred Elephant Encircled Stupa’ for obvious reasons as it is supported by a veritable herd of these endearing animals. Atop the white chedi is a gold decorated top that is glistening in the sun against a clear blue sky this morning and looking a picture.

Open: daily, 06.00 to 17.00
Admission: free
大佛塔寺(Wat Chedi Luang),创建于1411年,于清迈市内六大寺庙中最为著名,与帕辛寺(Wat Phra Singh)同为清迈地位最崇高的寺庙。寺内有一座宏大的四方形佛塔,始建于15世纪初,以后数次增建,高达85.4米,据说可远望千里。1545年,清迈发生一次大地震和大风灾,佛塔的尖顶一夜之间塌毁,露出塔内的金身佛像。寺内60米高的兰那风格佛塔建于1441年,毁于16世纪的一次地震,但依然是城内最宏伟的建筑。塔的南侧有6个象头雕像,其中5个都是后来用水泥修复的赝品,只有最右边用砖头砌成的是真品。可惜的是,经年的风吹日晒把鼻子和耳朵都吹走了。围绕着四方形佛塔走,在四方形佛塔的后面有两座殿堂。在每座殿堂中间的玻璃橱中端坐着身披迦裟的Chedi Luang寺高祖,目光炯炯,栩栩如生。寺有还尊佛像坐在玻璃大盒子里,开始我们都还以为是肉身舍利,不由得敬畏不已。后来问了寺内的工作人员才知道是蜡像。

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