Friday, 18 June 2010

Chiangmai Holy 9 Temple 3rd Stop~~ Wat ChiangMan

Wat Chiang Man, the oldest temple in Chiang Mai, dates from the 13th century. King Mengrai lived here during the construction of the city. This temple houses two important and venerated Buddha figures, the marble Phra Sila and the crystal Phra Satang Man.

This is the oldest temple in the Chiang Mai, built in 1296 at the time of the city's founding. The temple served as the residence of Chiang Mai's founder, King Mengrai, for a time. The buildings are finely decorated in red lacquer, gold leaf and mosaics of tinted mirror, wonderful examples of Lanna style architecture. Wat Chiang Man is located on Ratchaphakhinai Road, near the Chang Puak gate in the northern part of the old city.
Open: daily, 06.00 to 17.00
Admission: free
清曼寺(Wat Chiang Man)是清迈最古老的佛寺,由建造清迈城的国王于1296年下令修建。“寺内供奉了两尊珍贵的佛像,一是大理石佛像,据称有2500年的历史,佛像很小,大约只有20多厘米高;另一尊是水晶佛像,大约也只有10厘米高,据称是1800年前来自拉布里(Lopburi,大城的陪都)。这座水晶佛像也是反复被泰国、老挝争夺过好几次,由于具有求雨的神力,每年四月初雨季开始时,就会被请出巡视清迈各处。这两尊佛像都被收藏在大殿右侧的玻璃柜内,展示的是复制品,真的佛像被保存在内部。”

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