Friday, 25 June 2010

Chiangmai Holy 9 Temple 7th Stop~~Wat Chiang Yuen

Wat Chiang Yuen is located outside the city wall on Mani Nopharat Road. Wat Chiang Yuen is one of oldest temples in Chiang Mai where every King had to pay homage to the Buddha image called "Phra Suppunyu Chao" (located in the wiharn) in order to gain good fortune in life. Hence, it is believed that the words "Chiang Yeun" means "long life."

In the period of King Phra Muangkaew (A.D. 1495-1525) the Buddha relics were enshrined in the stupa. The temple was abandoned after the Burmese defeat. Later on it was rebuilt by Phraya Wachiraprakarn. The big white and golden stupa is the most striking feature of this temple. Tel. 053-211654.

One of the older monk who brought us there was telling us this temple mean"long life" and another temple was More money! Well, there is always lots of interesting stories behind each temple in Thailand. That's what made them so interesting!

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