Friday, 9 July 2010


Because of my health, i was introduced to this master by my colleague to check out what is going on, of course, i did went for proper medical advice and partly because i wanted to change my job, so I thought why not!
Was Amazed because all i gave him was my name and date of birth and he told me not to say anything before he ask me too. When he wants me to answer him then i open my mouth. I was like " Huh"... OK... Then he started to tell me from the day i was born and so on.... I WAS AMAZED & that moment i thought, yes, i've found the right person! Although some of the thing he said was my parent passed away when i was quite young,(pretty sad) but it's True & this colleague of mine was not aware! Then he said i had a bad fall before, causing problem with my spine.. True True True..and then he said of my three fingers, either hand, there is a cut.. True enough and i would say the cut was pretty minor, you have to bring my hand closely before you actually can see it, which he didn't. At this moment, I would say I'm really impressed. Especially the falling part. Then he told me what is wrong with my health... BINGO!
And he follow by a massage session! yes! he took a mirror, a ruler and he start measuring my face and found that both side are different by 1/2 inches and he started to ask me to stretch out my hand, he start pressing some point, which was pretty painful i would say. Then after that we measure again.. Hmmm the difference is GONE! All the people around me was amazed too.
Then he say i have problem on my back and shoulder, very tense and again, BINGO, he got me to stand up and he started to "stretch my body", it's like thai massage, and i really felt so "shiok" after that! Then he gave me some holy water to bring home.
The whole session was great, we just have to admit this is worth a visit and I'm happy that i got some of the doubts cleared.
Thanks Uncle Tony, Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hey, can share the contacts of the master please?

rebecca said...

Where is this person ? Please recommend me

eckhart tolle