Saturday, 3 July 2010

Lunch With Monks

Half way during the visit to temples, we stop by to have lunch. I would say S'poreans are pretty pampered, as we are on the way looking for a restaurant, the driver stop by aside of a house which was pretty run down. We were expecting at least a decent "restaurant" or maybe a coffee shop, yet the monk told us this is the place we will be having our lunch! Hahaha, we were expecting somewhere with Air-con, Chiang Mai in April, no joke, at least 40 degree celcius! Anyway, we are strangers there, so we just follow suit.
As it's all in Thai, there is nothing i can help, so we told the monk to just place order of whatever they want to eat and at the same time, order our food too. I would say, the food is CHEAP & GOOD! Really yummy. We spent less than S$20/- for all our dishes ( 4dishes with soup, rice and drinks! mind you, for 7 of us!) And it's the BEST meal we had throughout our 4days in Chiangmai!

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