Thursday, 29 July 2010

My prayers were heard!

I was admitted to the hospital for a surgery. As it was my first time in the hospital, i took along the tanga i alwaya wear with me. since no necklace or jewellery were allow, i took a clip and clip it on my shirt. But since this is not my usual practice, i actually forgotten about it after my shower, only after 3 hours then i suddenly realised that my tanga is missing.

I was panic, really panic and quickly inform the nurses in the ward, i guess my face had clearly shown that i'm worried that it will be lost. But at the same time i know it's gonna be very difficult for them to trace back because the cleaner had clear away the basket 3 hours ago and the hospital is hugh, there will be piles and piles of dirty laundry waiting to be collected by the laundry company.. lots of what if come into my mind.. what if they can't find the bag since there is no label outside the plastic, what if the bag was transported out of the hospital etc.. I started to pray in my heart to Rahu, i pray that he will let me have my tanga back, please blessed that i can get i back, it's very important to me. I start to talk to Luang Pu Hong, I pray that let me have the tanga back and i will never let it leave me. I started chanting and chanting. Phew... after about an hour, as time passed, my panic didn't go off.. and suddenly, i saw the staff nurse walk in, with a tissue in her hand, carefully cleaning something and she came to me with a big smile, that moment i know, my prayers are heard, no wonder Luang Pu Hong always said, if you need me, chant and i'll be with you.

Thank you so much to Rahu, to Luang Pu Hong as well as the 3 nurses who help me digging in bags and bags of dirty laundry. Actually i plan to go to the temple last night, but as i'm still having difficulties in walking, guess i can only do so next week. But as i say, They heard my prayers, they will forgive me for not going down last night. I'll be there next week.

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Anonymous said...

Hi sir, hope you're well! thanks for all the useful info in your blog. May buddha and god bless you with good health and bountiful fortunes.

eckhart tolle