Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Stainless Steel Temple in Hatyai

Came to know about this temple few month ago thru M'sia paper. A little curious but it just simply slip my mind. Then yesterday when i met up with this aunty from M'sia, she brought up the topic. She went there in early december and came back FRESH! Yes, according to her the "energy" there was strong and it really freshened her thoughts and also it helps alot in her meditation, very spritual and unexplainable! So she ask me to arrange a trip there with her. Very nice temple, especially at night.
According to the chinese paper, a very staunch buddhist couple , mediating one day and "saw" Buddha! Buddha said to him " Would you give up your piece of land and build a 3 storey high Chedi for all people to come and pray?" He committed to Buddha and begin to get plans draw up but the money needed was far more than he can afford. One day there is this old lady who came to him and offer a donation for him to build the temple. Guess all these are Buddha's will bring 2 strangers together to start the project. In 5th December 2005 they invited top monks from thailand for the ground breaking ceremony. 
The 90% Stainless Steel built Pahama Hatat Jidee Thai Po Tham Mon Koon temple was completed in February 2006 ( total of 160days) cost approximately S$1m.

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