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I'm born in the year of Rabbit and it is believe that my guardian Buddha is the Buddha Manjusri(文殊菩薩). Manjusri is the bodhisattva of keen awareness in Buddhism. A disciple of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni (释迦牟尼), he represents wisdom, intelligence and realisation, and is one of the most popular Bodhisattvas following Guan Yin .
Together with Shakyamuni and fellow disciple Samantabhadra(普賢菩薩) he forms the Shakyamuni trinity . Manjusri is one of the Eight Wisdom Bodhisattvas and one of the Japanese Thirteen Buddhas. In Tibetan Buddhism he sometimes is depicted in a trinity with Avalokiteshvara(观世音菩薩) and Vajrapani(金剛手菩薩) .
Manjusri is mentioned in many Mahayana sutras, particularly the Prajnaparamita Sutras. The Lotus Sutra assigns him a paradise called Vimala, which according to the Avatamsaka Sutra is located in the east. His consort in some traditions is Saraswati. He is also sometimes called Manjughosha.
Within Tibetan Buddhism, Manjushri is a tantric meditational deity or Yidam, and considered a fully enlightened Buddha.

Manjusri Mantra
Chanting the Manjusri Mantra "Om Ah Ra Pa Tsa Na Dhih" is believed to enhance wisdom and improve one's skills in debating, memory, writing, explaining etc. "Dhih" is the seed syllable of the mantra and is chanted with greater emphasis.

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