Thursday, 22 November 2007

Myanmar Astrology - Rahu

There are few countries in the world today in which tradition has such a strong influence on everyday life as it has in Myanmar. Let us observe the path of life a typical Myanmar goes through.Childhood Years, from Birth to Marriage: Seven days after birth, the baby's parents invite friends to a naming ceremony. The youngster is given a name based on astrological calculations, and it need bear no relation to that of the parents.There are Thirty Three alphabets in Myanmar Literature.These alphabets are divided into eight category belonging to eight birthday planets, and the alphabet of each category represents the day of the birth.

It is little strange, because there are eight days a week according to Myanmar Astrology.The reason is that the mid week day, Wednesday is divided into two days; until 6 p.m. it is Wednesday, but after to the midnight it is Rahu's day. The baby's is name is based on his/her birth days, and the astrologer will give the suitable names on the base of his Astrological Calculation of which is to be chosen by the patients.Whatever the method the astrologer's use his calculation, the following alphabet is to be included.

Birthday and Represented Alphabet:
Monday - Ka, kha, Ga, Gha, Nga
Tuesdays - Sa, hsa, za, sha, nya
Saturday - ta, hta, da, dha, na
Thursday - pa, hpa, ba, bha, ma
Wednesday - la, wa
Rahu - ya, ra
Friday - tha, ha
Sunday - A, aha

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