Monday, 26 November 2007

Quotes by Venerable Ajahn Chah.

"If you know you can trust yourself you will feel relaxed and unmoved
by praise and blame. Regardless of what others say, you are content.
Those who do not have a firm foundation in practice
can easily be sucked in and their perceptions are warped as a result.
When you understand this matter you will be truly untroubled.
Nothing that happens is wrong. Everything is Dhamma."

"Even if it takes hundreds or thousands of lifetimes
to get enlightened, so what? However many lifetimes it takes
we just keep practising with a heart at ease, comfortable with our pace.
Once your mind has entered the stream, there’s nothing to fear."

"Making offerings, listening to teachings, practising meditation,
whatever we do we should do for the purpose of cultivating wisdom.
And cultivating wisdom is for the purpose of liberation.
When we are free then we won't suffer, whatever situation we are in."

"When we give, what is it that we are giving away?
The practice of generosity is for letting go of selfishness and deluded self-views.
If we are lost in selfishness it shows we don’t genuinely
care for ourselves, don’t know how to really love ourselves.
But with this practice of giving such attitudes are cleansed,
leaving a heart of compassion towards all beings without exception."

In our practice we maintain a heart that is imbued
with goodwill, with generosity, kindness and helpfulness.
When these qualities are properly maintained
they become the foundation for a pure mind."

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