Thursday, 7 June 2007


The pictures show 3 different kinds of tangka, well there are more designs and shapes by different monks.

The first one was made by gold,silver and copper sheets rolled together inscribed on it with sharp objects like needles. Its then rolled into a stick to be carried around as a keychain, hung in the pocket or worn around the waist.

The second one which we can see comes in a tube form with gold leaf, i cannot remember the name of the monk who gave it to me. Will find the picture and post it up.

The third was made by LP Hong. He rolled up 3 pieces of gold ( real gold including the casing) and in the rolled sheet lays his hair, nail and robe. The 3 piece version is for protection and good luck. If you are doing business, then you should get the 5 piece version becos that will bring you luck in your business.

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