Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Another Rahu's Story

The following story was contributed by one of Rahu's follower.

Rahu - Also known as a Daitya , a humanoid monster with a Dragon head and tail. Rahu was a tricky creature who was present during the churning of the Ocean of Milk in Indian mythology. Rahu was as cunning as the demons. He was associated with. And moment after the immortality-granting amrita was produced, he disguised himself as a God and drank his share. The ever-observant sun and moon saw the trickery and quickly warned Vishnu. As punishment, Rahu's head was severed with the deft throw of a discus.

However by the time he was beheaded the dragon was already immortal and so the halves continued to live independently. When Rahu's head was thrown up into the stars, the revengeful dragon pursued the sun and moon for turning him in. The angry moon chased and devoured Rahu every month when the moon is full. But as revengeful Rahu sometimes ate the sun, which was believed to cause the solar eclipse.

As there are many different version of mythology, I'll be very much appreciated if anybody is willing to contribute to me and give me comment. Once again, Thank you for the support.

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