Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Most Venerable Monk - LP Hong

Venerable Luang Poo Hong is one of the top Guru monks of the present era, although he is now 90 over years old. He is well known and popular for his knowledge in both Dharma and Visha ( supernatural arts).
Luang Poo Hong’s knowledge of Visha had come from Cambodia and is widely-proven for its efficaciousness. There have been reports of miracles and beneficial experiences related to Luang Poo Hong and his amulets among the locals of Surin Province, like protection from bullets and knives.
It was said that unusual phenomena like lightning and thunderstorms have also occurred during consecration ceremonies held by Luang Poo Hong in the past. What is most amazing is that not a single candle or incense stick was extinguished during the ceremonies, despite heavy thunderstorm.
Devas and holy beings have also been reportedly sighted at the ceremonies. Such can be seen efficaciousness of the power and Dhamma practice of Luang Poo Hong.
Luang Poo Hong is famed for making amulets with miraculous efficacy and in particular his Guman and Palad Khiks.
Being the top Monk LP Hong have always been very cheerful and received us with warm welcome and that's the reason why we never failed to visit him when we go to Thailand.

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