Thursday, 7 June 2007

Blessed Item from the monk

These item shown were part of the items we received from monk who came to our house for blessing. It's always good if we have the oportunity to invite Monks over to our house for breakfast or lunch, if not at least invite them to bless our house. Usually what they will do is walk around the house, including all rooms, kitchen, washroom. They will sprinkle holy water and chant prayer, to keep away all bad "spirit" or energy away from our house. They will also write some prayers on our door and altar. Then all the family members will be gather around to receive blessing from the monk.

People might wonder or worried that they have to pay alot of money to invite the monk to their house or office, but no worries, any forms of donation or token given to the monks is voluntary.
They are places whereby even before we can to see the monk, we have to pay. Every single ritual perform by the monks are price labelled, there's a price for all the amulet and holy items, even the blessing and holy shower too.

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