Monday, 18 June 2007

Luang Poo Rith (1916-2006)

Luang Poo Rith-Wat Chonlaprethan ( 20/5/1916 - 2006)
Luang Poo Rith Roonchoto was born on 20/5/1916. He entered priesthood in 1941 at Petchaburi Temple, Surin. After serving his apprenticeship and spending many years on phigramage in the forest surrounding Chonlappratharn Ratchadamri temple he became the Abbot of Indraburapa temple, Krasang district, Buriram.
Luang Poo Rith was promoted to Phrakru Indraworakhun on the 5th December 2002, his domicile is Tungmon Sub district, Surin.
His Bullet Takrut composed of powerful black magic that can help preventing the worshipper from all kinds of danger gain him respect from both Thais and International amulet collector.
He gained much respect from both Thais and international amulet collectors.

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