Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Old Buddha statue stolen, pets killed

AYUTTHAYA : Thieves poisoned temple dogs and cats at Wat Pueng Dad in Bang Pahan district on Sunday night and stole an ancient Buddha statue, police said.

Abbot Phra Kru Santisunthorn said the thieves broke the lock on the entrance door of the ubosot, or ordination hall. The dead temple pets were found inside.
A gold-plated statue of Buddha subduing Mara was missing from its pedestal. The four centuries-old statue was invaluable, dating back to the early Ayutthaya period, he said.
The abbot believed the thieves gave the animals food laced with poison to make it easier for them to steal the statue, which was heavy. He said they would have needed a vehicle to take it away. A donated sound system kept in a nearby pavilion was also stolen.

Police believed the thieves may have been paid to steal the statue.

Bangkok Post 20.05.2008

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