Monday, 26 May 2008

Blogging will be temporary impossible!

Sigh.. I don't know what's wrong with the PC at home. It just can't stop "hanging"! I can't access to my Internet, the stup** message " Internet explorer not responding" keep coming out and the page just don't seem to be open at all. Not only did it happen to blogger but hotmail and many more. I'm not an expert in this, I don't know how long will this last, I have no idea what's wrong, I have scan for virus, nothing happen!

I can't blog in the office and now I can't do it at home! Arrggg.. It's so frustrating! I have some article on hand, but since I'm outside now, I can't post all up.. It's really really frustrating!

Well, I almost throw the PC down from 18 floor yesterday, I guess i'll just let it rot till some kind soul come and visit my PC, as for when?? I DON'T KNOW! What to do, It's not the latest model nor the best PC so I can't expect much from it! Guess "she is just too tired and needs a rest. Meanwhile Let see what will happen, I'll find my ways to put up the article somehow!

Tmrw will be better! :)

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