Saturday, 17 May 2008

Never Judge a book by it's cover.

I've always wanted very much to help the needy, if i can afford. First was the Tsunami, then the Myanmar cyclone and now the China Quake. Not easy to gather people around to contribute.

Always, there will be someone, whom i should say, just simply did not think before they say something which will hurt others. I sent out a few smses to my friends and relatives, they are people who always help when some disaster happened and a donation is needed. To my surprise, one of them, I wonder what went wrong, reply me - DON'T WANT! yes, in cap and just these 2 words.

Okay, i was shocked, but at the same time telling myself, it's alright, all these donation are voluntarily, i can't force people to do so, but i was really taken back by the reply, but that won't stop me from doing all these, of course I hope no more disaster would happen and I don't have to do so.

This is not the only time, someone once told me they would like to contribute to the old and needy, they proposed to buy food and groceries for them, so I have to do some homework such as list of old folks home, what they need and etc.. after consolidating the info I presented to them and guess what ? First man said " Aiya, i think we should help the orphan instead"! Then the next one said " aiyo, they are so old, and it's their karma to be ended up in the HOME, don't need lah"!

I was angry, very angry with those irresponsible comment from him, very sad that all my effort and hard work gone! I'm just stupid, and not once but cheated twice by the same group of people. That's why I have 2 sets of info at home, but I didn't give up, I can't help much, but i have my siblings and good friend who is willing to help me to help the needy, we visit them like every 6 month and we donate food and medicine to different homes very 6 month, I'm sure i'll be able to complete my list some years, at least i make an effort. We don't earn much, but i think we are much better than the group who drive big cars, wearing expensive clothing but uncompassionate people.

Thank you to my friends and sisters out there who had contributed. Thank you!

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