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Another Hindu Version - Rahu

Rahu, the planet in shadows, is accorded recognition by the Indian astrologers and like Ketu, this planet is also not visible in the galaxy.

Source material: A mine of information about Rahu is available in Brahmaavaivartha puraana, Mahaabhaagavatha, Mahaabhaaratha, Matsya puraana, Rigveda and Vishnu puraana.
Rahu was born to Simhika and Viprachitthi. Rahu’s mother simhika (also known as Simhita) was the daughter of Hiranyakashyapa (Bhakta Prahlada’s father). There are several brothers to Rahu and they are Salya, Nabha, Vaataapi, Ilvala and Namuchi. It is also believed that Rahu is the eldest of the 100 brothers. He also has a sister by name Maahishmathi.

Bhagavatha makes a mention of Rahu in the cosmic churning. As the demons and the gods went on churning the milky ocean with Meru parvatha, several interesting things surfaced and the ambrosia (amrita) is one among them. Lord Vishnu, disguised himself as Mohini, a celestial dancer and took upon himself the task of distributing the amrita. In this process, he elbowed the demons and went on offering the amrita to gods and angels. Seeing this, Rahu impersonates as one of the gods and sits in the row of the gods to partake the amrita. Noticing this surya and chandra alerted mohini. Mohini, loses no time in beheading but by then Rahu swallowed amrita and so he could not be killed. Henceforth the neckline became Rahu and the torno is referred to as Ketu. Since then Rahu is said to have nursed a gurdge against the surya and chandra, and gobbles them up in the wake of an eclipse.
Nature: The fierce face of Rahu adorns a crown and a garland runs round his neck. Clad is black, the four shouldered Rahu sports sword, shield, trishula and varamudra in his four hands. He sits on a lion. As the faint trace of nectar made him immortal, Lord Brahma conferred upon him the status of a planet. The eight horse driven chariot of Rahu is darkness. The presiding deity of Rahu is Yama and Surya in his pratyadhidevata. His position in the galaxy is south - westwards and it resembles a winnowing fan.
Astrology: Born into paithenasa gotra, Rahu is fierdish in nature. He was born in the year parthiva(Rakshasa –in some other books) in bhaadrapada maasa, krishna paksha on the fourteenth day of the waving moon on a Sunday. Visakha is his birth star. Rahu dasa lasts for 18 years. He has no aura of his own as he is considered a "chaaya graha". At the intersecting points of lunar and solar circumferences, there are two dots. The northern dot is called Rahu or the dragon headed and the southern dot is referred to as dragon’s tail. Rahu, like other planets does not preside over particular zodiac sign. Vrishabha lagna is his best place whereas vrishchika lagna is his worst. For ketu, vrishchika is the best place. According to parasara samhitha, kanya rasi is his nature place.
Mrityunjaya japa is considered to be highly efficacious to pacify Rahu. The beejaakshara runs thus:


This mantra or the mantra in the Navagraha stotra pertaining to Rahu need to be chanted for 18000 times.

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