Friday, 16 May 2008

Carry abbot ceremony

Some Buddhist ceremonies happen for special events. For example, if a monk decides to stay longer in a temple or has reached a new level of wisdom and knowledge, a ceremony might be organised to celebrate the event.

In the morning Thai people bring food, gifts, money for the temple. Women and men will help to prepare the feast and cook the dishes. It is an occasion to gather together and to gossip together. The Buddhist feasts have always soldered the Thai community since centuries.
Before and after the meal the abbot says a speech. All the monks staying in the monastey are present.
In the afternoon the abbot and the "celebrated" monk are lifted and carried three times around the temple. Faithful people sing and shout loudly. Everybody enjoy the feast
Then the ceremony finishs with a visit to the cemetery. The aim is that deceased persons also receive their part of merit.

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