Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Zeeba (Tibetan legend)

Zeeba or Zipak (Tibetan)

(First glance at the picture, we thought it's Rahu but after reading the story we realised it's not, but for sharing purpose, I've decided to write out. )

The Zipak originates in a Shaivite legend from the Shandha Purana. Shiva created a demon called Jalandhara from the blaze of his third eye. Jalandhara assumed great power and desired an incestuous relationship with Parvati, the consort of Shiva and Jalandhara’s adoptive mother. Jalandhara persuaded Rahu, one of his demonic friends, to demand Parvati’s favor. When Shiva got wind of this, he was understandably outraged, so his third eye blazed again. Thereby creating the Zeeba, who made a beeline to devour Rahu. Rahu decided that Zeeba was going to eat him bones and all and begged Shiva for mercy;whereupon, Shiva offered forgiveness and called off Zeeba. Because Zeeba had not had anything to eat since coming into the world and had been deprived of his only prey, he turned on himself and devoured his own body until only the head and hands remained. Shiva was very pleased with his handiwork and invited Zeeba to remain as the guardian to his door. Since then, he has become a reminder of the consequences of gluttony and greed and also stands as a guardian of practitioners. Zeeba’s finger point to his missing body to show what can happen when someone is overcome by avarice.

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