Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Fengshui Tips

This year, 2008 the 5 Yellow star and the 3 Killings are both located in the south hence this may be a challenging year if the main entrance to your living space is in this direction.

Here are some general tips:
  1. Tai Sui (God of the year or Grand Duke Jupiter) occupies N2 direction (352.5° to 7.5° N). Do not challenge him by facing him when you’re seated. Instead, sit with him behind you to gain his support.
  2. The 5 Yellow enjoys peace and quiet, if your main door is located in the south, you should try using another door. If this is not feasible, place a big golden bowl of water in the south to please him.
  3. The 3 Killings are also in the south this year and contrary to the Tai Sui, you must always face them. For 2008, you’ll be in tune with the Tai Sui and 3 Killings if you sit facing south, provided south is one of your auspicious direction.
  4. Wu (Horse) is in direct conflict with Zi (Rat) because they are directly opposite each other as shown in the compass below. Please remember that you should keep the south direction quiet and peaceful, with minimm activities and noise. Do not undertake renovation, digging, construction or demoltion work in all the above mentioned sectors without the advice from your Feng Shui Consultants.
  5. Star # 2 is located in the NW, if you'd spend a lot of time here or if this is your bedroom, don't forget to place a Hu Lu for good health... get it activated as well.
  6. Star # 3 is in the west. This star represents conflicts, disputes, etc. when it's untimely, but it can also bring us abundance of wealth if timely.
  7. Star # 7 commonly known as Robbery star, occupies SW in 2008. When timely, it will bestow financial gain on us.
  8. Spend as much time as possible in the East and SE with your family in 2008, when timely, it will bring us happiness, success, and good fortune.

The above serve as a general guide, hopefully it will be useful.

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