Wednesday, 30 January 2008


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The gift of food is useful only till hunger returns.
The gift of clothes is useful only till they are torn.
The gift of a house is useful only till it is dilapidated.
The gift of medicine only delays sickness and death.
But the gift of the Dharma protects a person
throughout his rebirths -
it even helps him break free from rebirth altogether.

If you spend most of your life,
lying to yourself and others,
your life is basically a lie,
self-deception -
not a true life,
not truly living.
It is the sustenance of delusion,
that only propels you into greater delusion.
But the moment you snap out of it,
you seek the Truth,
you become true to yourself
and your whole life turns around.
The Truth is always there -
you only need to turn around.

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