Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Thai Buddha for each day of week (part 2)

Thursday ( Jupiter ): Pharutsabodi (Brihaspati) is the heavenly seer who carries a slate and rides a deer. He corresponds to Jupiter, tutor of the gods. Thursday, his day, is dedicated to teachers.
Friday ( Venus ): Sukra, the god who presides over Friday, rides a bull. He is considered one of the heavenly seers as well as a tutor of the gods. He is the diety of wealth and fine art.
Saturday ( Saturn ): Phra Sao (Sani), equivalent to Saturn, with bow and trident in his hands, is considered the god of difficulty. The people who are born under the influence of Saturn are believed to fall easily into grief, despair, and difficulties. He is seated on his vehicle, a tiger.

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