Thursday, 6 December 2007

The Thai Buddha Image - Srivijaya Art

The Srivijaya Kingdom is believed to have thrived in Sumatra between the 8th and 13th centuries A.D. At this time, Srivijaya art was influenced not just by the indian art forms through trade but also Dvaravati,javanese and khmer art. Buddha images from this period are mostly related to Mahayana Buddhism; however, religious object including those of Theravada Buddhism and Hinduism have also been discovered.
Votive tablets found from this period were made from unbaked clay, which is easily broken. Therefore their purpose was not to prolong Buddhism into the future as with metal or clay tablets. They were created for the spititual benefit of the deceased. After cremation the bones or relics of the Buddhist were mixed with clay and made into tablets depicting the Buddha or Bodhisattva. Because the bones had been cremated once, they do not require a second firing.

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