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Luang Poo Waen

Luang Pu Waen BE2431 - 02.07.BE2528

Luang Pu Waen was born in BE2431 at Loei province, northeast Thailand. At the age of 13, he became a novice monk at Wat Poh Chai and studied Dhamma and Pali, showing exceptional ability even at young age. He went Tudong with his Teacher, Ajahn Wuan, travelling to Ubon province where he remained to learn Dhamma from Ajahn Sing. During his Tudong, he met many disciples of Ajahn Man telling him how good he was, hence Luang Pu Waen wished to meet Ah Jahn Man and become his disciples. In BE2462 Luang Pu Waen finally met Ah Jahn Man at Bahn Kor forest, Udon Thani province and became his disciple. Both he and Ah Jahn Dteu went Tudong again.
During the period in Tudong, he endured many difficulties such as ghost, wild animals and many other danger but he was never afraid. He spent most of his monkhood as a forest monk, travelling from one province to another on foot, going as far as Laos, Cambodia, Burma and even Vietnam.

At BE 2470 Ajahn Man officially accepted him as his disciple and he studied Dhamma at Wat Jedi Luang.
He went Tudong in chiangmai and stayed at Wat Huainumrin for 10 years. During the stay, he spent most of the time in forest and only return to the temple during the Khao Pansa. In BE2505, Ajahn Noo, the abbot of Wat Doi Mae pang ask him to stay at the Wat as he treated Luang Pu Waen as a teacher. He became the abbot of Wat Doi Mae Pang after Ajahn Noo passed away and he too, living the life as a forest monk all the time in a small hut away from the temple. He was very skillful in Sammahti and Dhamma.

The most unique nature of Luang Poo Waen, was that he did not like crowded places and loved to live alone in the forests
Chao Khun Nor ever mentioned"There is a Phra Arahang, but he lives far away, in the forest hill."

Luang Pu Waen passed away peacefully on 2nd July BE2528.

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