Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The 9 Sacred Temple in Thailand

Remember I talk about visiting the 9 Sacred Temples in Thailand in my previous blog and I have explained that if we could visit these 9 temples in one day then it will be very good for us, but how good? And WHY?

The following are the list of "benefit" we get by paying the temple a visit.
  1. Wat Suhat - Good Vision

  2. Wat Chanasongkram - Vistory over difficult obstacles

  3. Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) - A prosperous life

  4. City Pillar Shrine - Discard bad luck and lengthen your life with good fortune

  5. Wat Kanlayanmit - A safe trip

  6. Wat rakhang - To become more popular and likeable

  7. Wat phra Kaeo ( Emerald Buddha ) - Wealth and rich rewards

  8. Wat Pho ( Reclining Buddha) - A happier and more peaceful life

  9. Chao Phor Seua Shrine - Offer more power and stature

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