Friday, 22 February 2008

The 3 to 12 of Buddhism

Three Jewels/Three Refuges:
*The Buddha * The sangha (monastic community) *The dharma (truth or teachings)

Three Delusions:
*Ignorance * DesireAnger * hatred

Three Trainings:
*Moral discipline * Concentration * Wisdom

Three Marks of Existence:
1. Impermanence (anicca) 2. Unsatisfactoriness (dukkha) 3. No-self (anatta)

Four Noble Truths:
*All of life is marked by suffering. *Suffering is caused by desire and attachment. *Suffering can be eliminated. *Suffering is eliminated by following the Noble Eightfold Path.

Four Immeasurables or Sublime States:
*Equanimity (upekkha) *Loving-kindness (metta) *Compassion (karuna) *Sympathetic joy (mudita)

Four Reminders:
*Human life is precious *Death is inevitable. *The laws of karma cannot be avoided. *Suffering permeates all existence.

Four Bodhisattva Vows:

  1. I vow to rescue the boundless living beings from suffering.

  2. I vow to put an end to the infinite afflictions of living beings.

  3. I vow to learn the measureless Dharma-doors.

  4. I vow to realise the unsurpassed path of the Buddha.

Five Precepts:
*Do not kill *Do not steal *Do not engage in sexual misconduct *Do not lie *Do not use intoxicants.

Five Powers:
*Faith and confidence *Energy and effort *Mindfulness *Samadhi *Wisdom

Five Hindrances:
*Sense craving *Anger or ill will *Sloth and torpor *Restlessness and worry *Doubt and the inner critic

Five Dhyani (Wisdom) Buddhas:
**Vairochana **Akshobhya**Ratnasambhava **Amitabha **Amoghasiddhi

Six Perfections:
1)Concentration 2)Effort 3)Ethical behavior 4)Generosity 5)Patience 6)Wisdom

Six Realms of Existence:
*Hell-beings *Hungry ghosts *Animals *Humans *Anti-gods or demigods *Gods

Noble Eightfold Path:
*Right beliefs *Right aspirations *Right speech *Right conduct *Right livelihood *Right effort *Right mindfulness *Right meditational attainment

Ten Paramita:
*Giving or generosity *Virtue, ethics, morality *Renunciation, letting go, not grasping *Wisdom and insight *Energy, vigour, vitality, diligence *Patience or forbearance *Truthfulness *Resolution, determination, intention *Kindness, love, friendliness *Equanimity

Twelve Links of Dependent Arising: Ignorance *Karmic formations *Consciousness *Name and form *Six senses *Contact *Feeling *Craving *Grasping *Becoming *Birth *Aging and Death

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