Friday, 29 May 2009

Wat Prathong - Phuket

Wat Prathong (Wat Pra Phud) is famous for a half-buried golden Buddha statue called Luang Poh Prathong (Golden Buddha) in its grounds. The temple's other moniker, Wat Pra Phud, means 'Temple of the protruding Buddha'. It was built in the 1750s and received a visit from King Rama V in 1909, who gave it its name. Not a very big temple, but agreable to visit with its several buildings and colorful features.
Where is it ?
Wat Prathong is 20kms north of Phuket Town and is located near the Thalang District Office. On the way to airport, the street leading to the temple will be on the right hand side (you might have to do a U-turn if driving). Look for a small sign before reaching Thalang town. Once you enter the street, driving few kilometres will lead you to a large parking.
What to see?
The main attraction at Wat Prathong is the half-buried golden Buddha image which is said to be 'untouchable' in that every person who has tried to dig it out is reported to have been cursed. There is also a reclining gilded Buddha that is listed as one of the attractions in the Tourism Authority of Thailand's 'Unseen Thailand' programs. The current explanation as to why there is a half-buried Buddha image at Wat Prathong is that a canal changed direction and flooded the area, leaving it under a layer of silt.
The temple also houses a museum, founded by the current abbot. The museum features historical items donated by locals such as tin mining paraphernalia, a Chinese dowry basket, Chinese 'Teen-tuk' (feet reducing) shoes and many Javanese daggers.
Open: 00:08 - 17:30 Daily

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