Saturday, 2 May 2009

A very meaningful Buddha's Day

Messy Messy busy packing Waiting to be organised

Here we go! canned food,noodle,biscuit etc busy counting Loads of RICE
Today is Buddha's day and i think it's also a very meaningful day for me. I went to help out a charity Group to pack the Goodies Bag for the old folks who are staying at those rental flat at Toa Payoh & also at Owen road.

There were total of 2200 bags to be pack ( each packet consist of 12 items like canned food, cereal, coffee,oil, biscuit, cakes,soya milk,etc... ) and our target is to get everything ready for distribution tomorrow. It's very tiring packing and arranging those packets of rice. Apart from that we have to put all the goodies and arrange them in an order.

I am sure those ah gongs and ah ma will like the bag and best of all during this "bad time" they can feel the warmth and care of people who cares for them. It's not very expensive stuff but it's the thought that counts. And the organization is trying to help as much as we can. From 1000 bags last year, they are giving 2200 this year, hopefully more people will benefit from this act.
Happy Vesak Day!

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