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Giving - Dhamma teaching of Phramongkolthepmuni

Giving had not been an aspect of Buddhism only.
Even before Buddha's time, giving existed.
For husbands and wives to stay together, giving is a critical element of the relationship. They have to give happiness, clothing, and other things. They have to share. Otherwise, they couldn't stay together. Giving is absolutely essential. Giving is very important for the success of givers.
Knowing this, whatever occupation one has, one should not overlook giving.

In the family, the husband must give to the wife and vice versa. When a child is born, the mother has to feed milk to the child. Even milk is considered as the parents' money. It is a byproduct of their money. The mother eats. The food is transformed into milk for her child. As the child grows, the parents have to find the food for the child; to find the toys for the child's play. Giving is critical. Whatever the child needs, the parents will find and give to the child. If the parents do not give to the child, the child will die.

It is because of the parents' giving that children live. Knowing this, we should give continuously. If someone is angry with us, we should find a way to make that person understand us by giving good words and some gifts. To one who criticizes his own parents, we should give first and share our thoughts later. When he receives what we have to give, increasingly this will lead him to believe in, and have faith in us.

The foundation of Buddhism is giving. Giving is crucially important because everyone lives by giving and being given to.
According to records (Buddhist Canons), giving a meal symbolizes giving these five things to the receivers : -Life, Freshness of complexity and health Happiness, Power of these three qualities : physical, intellectual, spiritual Wisdom
These five qualities everyone wants.
It is not only giving, but also three other actions that will help us live happily in society.
The other three actions are :
Use good words : When we have many friends, we have to speak gentle words. We have to have good manners. We must not bother others with our words. This is very important.
Help others : We should help others. Do not care only for ourselves. When we have children, we have to allow them to study until they can work and support themselves.
Do not disturb other people :Wherever we go, we will not bother people with our actions, words, or thoughts. Moreover, we should adjust ourselves to their lives/living and make them as comfortable with us as if we were their family.
The world will be peaceful if we do these four things :give, use good words, help others, and not disturb people.
If we don't do these four things, parents will not receive respect from or be respected by their children. The wise considered this carefully and agreed on this philosophy.

Source - Dhamma Foundation

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