Friday, 15 May 2009

Letting Go - Dhamma teaching of Phrarajbhavanavisudh

When we begin to meditate, before we can bring our mind to a standstill position, we must train our minds to stop thinking of all tasks and worries, such as business, school, family and so forth.

We must clear our minds and leave these thoughts behind. Imagine that you are alone in this world and have never experienced any of those things before. We need to practice letting go of our thoughts gradually. It could be very difficult at the beginning, but we'll be able to do it through a consistent effort. Because meditation is the practice of emptying the mind of all distracting thought, it is the way to purify and keep the stillness of one's mind in order to attain Dhammakaya in oneself.

Thus, we must let go all the worries which obstruct meditation. We must practice letting them go and empty our minds of all thoughts. This will benefit us when we are to leave this world. Everyone will die, sooner or later. We cannot choose the time and place of our death. The moment of dying is important because we can not transform to the realm of happiness if our minds are worried about the house, family, properties, work, or business. These issues will bring us unhappiness and lead us to the realm of suffering.

It is crucial for us to learn and practice letting go and how to empty/free/clear our minds of all worrying. Nobody else can help us when we are to leave this world. The others can only watch us dying; we need to help ourselves. All people, materials, families, and work can not help us at all. We need to let go of them. Indeed, they belong to us only temporarily during our life time.

When we were born, we brought nothing with us but we begin to accumulate things as we grow up. If we consider our lives carefully, we see that they are temporary belongings. We should not count on them as permanent. They are only possessions that accommodate our living. We should think of it this way during meditation. In our daily lives, we have to work to support our living and deal with many problems and obstacles that enter our mind. When we do that, we forget these truths about life. If we remind ourselves of these truths, we will be cheerful and detached from all worldly things. Thus, the result of this feeling will help our mind to focus quickly and steadily. It will be easier for us to attain dhammakaya, where true happiness awaits everyone, in ourselves.

Source - Dhamma Foundation

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