Monday, 25 May 2009

Thai Superstition -The Unlucky Days

Certain days are unlucky, depending on which day you were born.

People born on:

Sunday, avoid doing anything auspicious on a Friday.

Monday, avoid doing anything auspicious on a Sunday.

Tuesday, avoid doing anything auspicious on a Monday.

Wednesday, avoid doing anything auspicious on a Tuesday.

Thursday, avoid doing anything auspicious on a Saturday.

Friday, avoid doing anything auspicious on a Wednesday.

Saturday, avoid doing anything auspicious on a Wednesday at nighttime.

There are taboos about days in Thai superstition. Doing something are forbidden in some days because they believe that it will not good. There have to be a chance in each situation.
  • On Monday, one could cut cloth for shirts, blouses. Sarongs but not cut wood for the building of one’s house.
  • On Tuesday, one could cut one’s hair and make knives and swords but one had to be careful not to show off one’s belongings ones riches. Tuesday, as well as Saturday, were good days for washing one’s hair, but Monday and Wednesday were deemed inauspicious.
  • On Wednesday, one was supposed to change the bedding. Wednesday was thought to be an unlucky day to settle a conflict by seeking a judgement from elders, headmen or a court of law. Alas, the court calendar does not allow for such reservations as to the best day to have a deposition taken.
  • Thursday was an auspicious day for the ritual tying of sacred thread on one’s wrists binding one’s ‘living essence’ to one’s body. However, it was a day to avoid venturing into the forest where misfortune was likely to occur. One might be attacked by a tiger or struck by a falling tree.
  • On Friday, one should not get involved with friends and should avoid recreation and play. On the other hand, it was a good day to work assiduously in one’s garden and fields.
  • On Saturday, new clothed should not be worn and one should not cut clothes. Alas, tailors and dressmakers would be hard pressed to follow these Brahmin ritualistic injunctions. Their impatient customers would not be pleased with the excuse their dresses and suits were not ready because it was unlucky to make clothes on certain days.

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