Saturday, 27 December 2008

Wat Bang Nom Kho

Wat Bang Nom Kho (วัดบางนมโค) is a Buddhist temple in Sena district, Ayutthaya Province, Thailand.

The temple was made famous by one of Thailand's Gaeji Ajarn high monks, Luang Pho Phan, who was renowned for his blowing of the sacred Diamond Armour Yantra, (or Yant, onto the forehead of his disciples. According to legend, many of these disciples, after death, were found to have an impression of the Yant mysteriously embedded into their skull. The Yant was allegedly revealed to Luang Pho Phan in a dream, which led him to its discovery on a metal template hidden within a Chedi.

Luang Pho Phan was also reputed to have received the ability to make powder based amulets of Buddha images sitting on animals from a Chee Ba Khaw, (a spirit that appeared as a firefly). These amulets are extremely sought after and expensive due to their reputed powers.

Credits : Wikipedia & (map)

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