Monday, 22 December 2008

Jataka - Buddha's Former Birth - Pt 1

The Quiet Serpent
The future Buddha was born as Bhuridatta, a serpent divinity. He was captured and forced to perform for public entertainment. Despite these and other ignominies and torments of captivity, Bhuridatta remained free of anger, and ultimately regained his freedom.
The Bhuridatta Jataka

The Patient Prince
The Buddha-to-be was born as Prince Candakumara, whose nobility and patience were so great that an official at his father's court grew to hate him. Finally, the official convinced the king to offer his son as sacrifice. The prince faced his death calmly, but at the last moment he was saved by his mother, the queen. her prayers were answered by the god Indra, who interrupted the ceremony.
The Candakumara Jataka

Lifting the Chariot
When he was just a month old, the future Buddha, Prince Temiya, realized that as a ruler he would have to punish his subjects, and so he decided to remain silent and unmoving to avoid hurting other living beings. For 16 years he was tormented by trials to break his resolve. Finally, he was condemned to death. In the chariot that was taking him to his execution, Temiya finally moved: he got out of the chariot and raised it above his head with one hand, in a single action demonstrating his power and merit.
The Temiya JatakaTemiya confirms his strenght by lifting a chariot.

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