Monday, 8 December 2008

Another Legend of Phra Rahu

It's THE month for Rahu, so why not share some interesting legend of HIM!

The belief of Hinduism, Brahman and oriental astrology in India or Thailand believe that The eclipse of the moon causes of Phra Rahu swallows the moon [ in solar system the moon And Rahu are in the same zodiac oppose to the sun] or Phra Rahu swallows the sun [ the sun And the moon are in the same zodiac oppose to Rahu] Some explain the origin of Phra Rahu Varies such as Phra Rahu is not the planet. But he is the demon or "tat", a kind of giant, Who Tries to take the Sun and the Moon in his mouth.

Some believe Phra Rahu is the God of meteorites, the guardian of the southwest or the holder of the night time of Wednesday [ Buddha image with Lelai posture]. The others believe that Phra Rahu is terrible and violent so that most of people misunderstand him.

Some people thought that Phra Rahu is an unauspicious thing that can bring some disasters and misfortune to them. In former time people believe that the person who was born in the year of Phra Rahu or Phra Rahu interfered his fate. He should have have been careful to keep his living, other wise he might get misfortune from Phra Rahu's force. The degree of violence may be the lost of belongings, gold, attendants or Having terrible illness ans finally die.

The belief of those people may be partly true, but it is not the right answer. On the contrary, it is unfair to Phra Rahu because he also has a good side. Phra Rahu is the God of luck who creates wealth for human beings for thousands of years as the prediction recorded by The oriental astrologers or the western astrology which is called "Urenian ( in thai)" But human beings do not understand and learn how to access to Phra Rahu. Thus, they shift all the guilty to Phra Rahu so that he became the defendant of human beings as the criminal and became the only ones who held sufferings without a chance for self-defense.


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Just to check is it ok to keep an amulet of phra rahu?

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