Thursday, 25 December 2008


December should be a month full of Joy and Happiness. But I wouldn't say so for my family and someone I know. We lost our loved ones on the 26th December.

Chinese believed that as an elders, we are not allow to pray, to cry and to do anything for the dead. It's sad~~ really heart breaking and it's like a mission impossible because we are only human and we really missed them .

I wonder some times if he is able to receive the merit we have done for him and I wonder what can I do for him? The only thing i guess i can do for him is to write those mantras for him and pray that all will be well for him in the other world. Dilemma we can be, believing that if we keep on clinging on them ( thinking of them), calling out their names and cried for them, it will slow down their " reincarnation", we know we have to let go, but we just couldn't help it and loses control of ourselves.

We're told that time heals all wounds. That's not entirely true, of course. Time does have the ability to make that acute, searing pain of loss less intense, to make our red-hot emotions less painful. But our feelings of loss and emptiness may never completely go away....

人们常说,人生最痛苦的三件事莫过去少年丧父,中年丧偶,老年丧子。 再辛苦难熬的人生没有比失去自己的至爱更痛苦的事情了。珍惜眼前人!

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