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Legend of Phra Rahu

In Buddhism, Phra Rahu is called "Asurintara Rahu" means the king of demons.

It appeared in Attha Katha both in Tim Nidai and Sungyatta Nikai which described the size of Phra Rahu as follow:
"He is 4,800 yoch tall. His chest is 1,200 yoch wide.His forehead is 50 yoch wide and his nose is 30 yoch long," [ yoch is thai linear measure.,1 yoch is 16 kilometers]

In Triphum Katha described the size of Phra Rahu that,
"He is 98,000 yoch tall, measured around his head is 26,000 yoch,his forehead is 300 yoch wide, around his nose is 300 yoch, the space between his eyes and eyebrows is 90 yoch , each of his eyebrow is 200 yoch long, his mouth is 200 yoch wide and 300 yoch deep. Each of his palm is 200 yoch wide and his hand and foot's hair is 30 yoch long"

In thai astrology mentions that Phra Rahu was made up of 12 heads of jack-o-lantern with 12 wind power or the god of storms. He lives in black mansion. He has got bronze body and wears blonde costumes.
He usually lives in clouds and fog, occupies the west and Thai alphabets ย ร ล ว

Another legend in Thai astrology goes that Phra Rahu is the star of wind lives in the northeast with and make friend with Saturn. He is also a couple of balanced-power with the moon. He likes the fire zodiacal signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
People represent Phra Rahu to number 8 with 12 power which is the part of the power of all the planets power equals 108. When number 8 is lain down in linear it becomes the symbol of infinity .

Source - Mr.Jiaranai Chockmongcholchaichana

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