Friday, 28 March 2008


I love the topic on Friends. My Friends are all Very important to me, but I was badly hurt by some of them ( maybe, I hurt them too) and I was really disappointed. Came across the following in a book I've read recently.

[A man should recognize among his acquaintances those with whom he should associate and those with whom he should not. He should not associate with those who are greedy, clever talkers, flatters or wasters. He should associate those who are helpful, willingly to share happiness as well as suffering ( 同甘苦,共患难). Those who give good advice and who have a sympathetic heart.
A true friend, the one with whom we may safely associate, will always stick closely to the right way, will worry secretly about his friend's welfare, will console him in misfortune, will offer him a helping hand when he needs it, will keep his secrets, and will always give him good advice. ]

I must say, it is very difficult to find a friend like this, and therefore one should try very hard to be a friend like this, I did.. but I guess I wasn't appreciated or maybe, I wasn't good enough.

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